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Planning what will happen when you are gone is a normal part of life.

Addressing The Important Insurance Concerns Of Families And Business

We fully understand that insurance is a necessity in the modern world, helping to protect individuals, couples, families and companies alike, from life’s unexpected surprises. As a full service law firm, Vorzimer Masserman - Fertility & Family Law Center is well versed in tendering and litigating insurance coverage issues.

Our extensive background, across a range of practice areas, including business law, professional liability and insurance liability law mean we are well-equipped to counsel and represent our clients in a wide variety of sometimes sensitive insurance issues.

In a sometimes confusing legal environment, VM protect the rights of our clients to be treated fairly, within the spirit of the law, advocating for equitable settlements and fulfillment of obligations, based on legal agreements between insurers and the insured.

Experienced Legal Counsel Helping Parents Plan For Their Families

Our prestige within the field of reproductive law gives us unique insight into the need for adequate insurance coverage, for all the costs associated with pregnancy and birth, as well as your children as they grow. In our experience, this can be one of the most pressing and important issues in starting a family.

VM reviews the medical insurance policies of prospective surrogates and egg donors to ensure our clients receive the maximum insurance coverage possible when undergoing infertility and assisted fertility treatments.

Our world class team of advisors have been at the cutting edge of reproductive law for over two decades. That service extends to assisting intended parents in securing appropriate insurance for their newborn child or children, in the event they are not already adequately covered by an existing policy.

When it comes to protecting your future, or your children and their future, why take unnecessary risks? If you have a claim, or questions about your insurance, call us at (818) 303-2438, or send us an email here.