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Litigation Services For Family Law And Reproductive Law Issues

Last updated on January 19, 2023

Our goal at VM is to formulate a cost-effective, outcome-based strategy. Not every case demands aggressive litigation tactics. Meeting our client’s needs means doing our very best to achieve their stated goals while keeping litigation costs as low as possible.

With that in mind, the lead attorney will constantly reassess and advise the client at various stages of the litigation, to evaluate the efficacy of present tactics, and if necessary to pivot to a more aggressive or more conciliatory stance. Whether through a brokered settlement via mediation or arbitration, a collaborative resolution, or hard-nosed litigation, VM will find the right solution for its’ clients.

Discreet And Competent Attorneys With A National Reputation

Dean Masserman has significant experience in both state and federal courts and is highly regarded as a litigation attorney in reproductive law and family law. Mr. Masserman has an excellent reputation and is recognized as a top litigator in his fields of practice.

The firm’s litigation practice covers the spectrum of the assisted reproductive technology field. VM has represented IVF physicians, clinics, cryobanks, nurse practitioners, embryologists, surrogacy and egg donation agencies, gestational carriers, egg donors and intended parents. Mr. Masserman has secured defense verdicts and favorable settlements in cases in which millions of dollars were at stake, and more importantly, his client’s reputations and practices were at stake. These cases were handled with discretion and expedited to achieve maximum success with minimal public exposure.

Decades Of Experience With Complex Family Law Litigation

Mr. Masserman also handles all aspects of family law litigation, including complex marital and parentage issues. Regardless of whether his client is a celebrity or athlete, or a stay at home mom who has never been employed, Mr. Masserman offers the same level of service and dedication to ensure his clients obtain the best possible outcome under the circumstances. Whether it is a simple dissolution matter, a complex move-away case or disputed parentage action VM will take the matter on and see it through to a successful conclusion.

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