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Last updated on February 23, 2021

California law requires mediation whenever there is an issue of custody or visitation with a minor child and when these issues appear on either party’s court papers. Mediation is a process by which the parties informally, i.e. without court order, reach agreement on child custody and child visitation parenting plan that is mutually agreeable to the parties. Often it is really the first opportunity since the separation for both parents to sit down and try to work out an agreement on how to raise their children.

If the parties are able to arrive at a cooperative “parenting plan” for the custody and visitation of their children, the plan will be documented by the mediator and submitted to the court to become a part of a court’s orders. If the parties are unable to reach any agreement, the mediator will simply so notify the court and the judge will determine what custody and visitation orders the parties will abide by, based upon evidence and argument from the attorneys.

The attorneys at VM advocate for mediated resolutions when possible, as often times the negotiated result mirrors what a court would otherwise order, but the parties are spared the time, stress and expense of litigation. In some instances a mediated agreement is better than a judge’s order, since a judge is not concerned with the wishes of the parents, but for the best interest of the child(ren).

Parents sometimes find that the benefit of a negotiated parenting plan outweighs the risk that the court may be less liberal in its ruling. Furthermore, a judge is simply not familiar with either parent or the family situation. Also, the give-and-take that a mediation agreement results in, an order that both parents can live with, is beneficial to all involved.

Saving Couples Time, Stress And Money Through Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorce may have many benefits that may be beneficial to both parties in a divorce action. Uncontested divorces save a great amount of time and attorney’s fees for the parties involved. The parties reach an agreement on all relevant issues which then gets drafted into stipulated judgment and filed with the court. There will be no need for any court appearances and the divorce is generally obtained much more quickly and amicably. It is the efficiency of a much simpler process where couples determine their own outcome and address the needs of their specific situation, whether they regard property settlement, or the establishment of custody and support terms.

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