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Making sense of same sex marriage and divorce laws in California.

Defending Your Right To Equality

Last updated on February 23, 2021

After many years of confusion, and following rulings in both the Supreme Court of the United States and the California Supreme Court, same-sex couples now have the right to get married, just like any other couple, under the protection of the state constitution.

Same-sex married partners have pretty much the same responsibilities, safeguards, entitlements and rights as do heterosexual spouses, including benefits in taxation, the right to visit in hospital, inheritance, and testimonial privilege, among many others. However there can be nuanced differences to how these wider new understandings of this old institution are interpreted, so finding the right attorney to stand by your side is imperative.

Family code certainly applies, as do the same dissolution proceedings in order to terminate a marriage. Many of the same issues arise during the termination of same-sex domestic partnerships such as the division of assets, custody, and support. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling the termination of same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships and any subsequent legal issues that may arise, including custody and visitation rights.

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