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“Spousal support,” also referred to as alimony, means support of one spouse by the other. The contract of marriage is, among other things, a promise between a husband and wife of mutual support, which could extend well beyond the termination of the marriage if circumstances warrant. Generally, a court will order the higher-earning spouse to support the non-working or lower-earning spouse, with the goal that the supported spouse become self-supporting. Spousal support orders can be both temporary and permanent, but rely on distinctly different and unique criteria.

Temporary spousal support orders are typically need-based orders, based solely upon the earnings of the various parties, and little else. The temporary spousal support orders will remain in effect until judgment has been entered, or until further order of the court. To the contrary, for permanent spousal support orders, California family code lists numerous factors a court must consider, before determining whether or not permanent spousal support should be ordered, and if so, for what duration and in what amount.

It is imperative that you have qualified and knowledgeable counsel representing you at the earliest stage possible, because oftentimes the court’s temporary orders are adopted as the permanent orders, despite the fact that the criteria for temporary versus permanent spousal support orders are very different. The attorneys at VM will vigorously prosecute and defend temporary and permanent spousal support orders, as well as seek modifications or prior orders, to ensure their clients are not being taken advantage of or victimized.

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