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Getting A Divorce Can Be Painful And Complicated. We Help You Stay In Control

Last updated on April 14, 2023

There is more to ending a marriage than just filing court papers. There is the complicated matter of devising a cooperative parenting plan in the event you have children, that avoids parental conflict, as well as planning the rest of your life. As a boutique law firm VM works closely with its clients to create those plans.

Vorzimer Masserman - Fertility & Family Law Center provides full-service support that anticipates all potential complications and any issues regarding child custody and visitation plans, the division of marital property, asset and business valuation and retirement accounts. A lawyer’s sound advice is critical in family law matters. The lawyers at VM will be by your side every step of the way and guide you through the process.

Divorce actions and child custody cases are among the most hotly contested and emotional matters a person can experience in court. Is your wife unlawfully denying you visitation with your children? Has your husband moved out, frozen all the bank accounts and frozen your credit cards? Has your ex stopped paying child support for months and been getting away with it? Have you been falsely accused of domestic violence or child abuse by a former spouse to get the upper hand in a custody action? Does your ex have a new partner, that she/he is introducing to your children as their next parent? These issues are prevalent and require a law firm with decades of experience aggressively preventing and correcting these problems.

VM’s knowledgeable and energetic attorneys are well-known and widely recognized for handling the toughest divorce, custody and family law cases. The firm’s lawyers successfully handle hundreds of divorce, custody, support and family law cases each year, and are equipped to get the best possible results for their clients. If you need the best possible outcome VM’s team is ready to fight for you.

Making Sense Of The Divorce Process

Your divorce begins with the filing of a petition for dissolution. The petition, along with a copy of the summons, must thereafter be served on the respondent by personal service. A family law summons contains temporary restraining orders (TRO) which are automatically effective upon both parties, the petitioner upon filing, and upon the respondent, immediately upon personal service. This TRO is intended to maintain the “status quo” and preserve property by preventing the transfer, sale or disposition of any property by either party without the express written consent of the other, or court order.

This TRO remains in effect until the final judgment of dissolution is issued. However, often times a party violates the automatic TRO to gain an unfair advantage and cause undue stress on the other party. It is imperative that you have an attorney representing your interests from the outset to prevent such violations and to preserve your share of the marital assets.

Rigorous And Effective Discovery Attorneys In Pre-Trial Preparations

The discovery process is the formal exchange of information between the opposing parties prior to the beginning of the trial. Discovery allows each party to uncover information that can be used during litigation. This evidence is used to build each side’s legal strategies for trial and negotiating a settlement.

Our firm employs an entire department dedicated to this essential purpose. As a boutique firm, the resources, skill level and experience of our legal team stands out in the industry. We have extensive experience dealing with the court as well as uncooperative witnesses. Our legal team is well versed in filing motions with the court to obtain information. We are also skilled in acquiring monetary sanctions to cover legal fees for our clients.

If you need assistance with a family law matter, turn to the experienced team at Vorzimer Masserman - Fertility & Family Law Center. Call our Woodland Hills office at (818) 303-2438 or send us an email to schedule a consultation.