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Utilizing The Powers Of The Court, When You Need It Most

Last updated on February 23, 2021

Either party in the divorce or custody proceeding may feel a need for the court to issue temporary orders, i.e. orders between the date the petition is filed, and the date a final judgment is granted. Temporary orders allow the parties to establish a status quo which will remain effective while the matter proceeds to judgment, or until further modification by the court.

Temporary orders can include orders regarding the exclusive, temporary possession and use of the family residence, i.e. move-out orders; the payment of community debts; legal and physical custody of the minor children including visitation and travel with the minor children; child and spousal support payments; spousal support; and an order that one party advance monies for the payment of the other party’s attorney fees subject to a future re-allocation.

Other orders, which can be issued by the court upon request and prior to the final judgment are domestic violence restraining orders (DVPO) and civil restraining orders (TRO), to prevent acts of violence and harassment, to protect a party, and if necessary the minor children, from imminent harm or danger.

If granted, the court will restrain the actions of the offending party by, among other measures, ordering them to stay away from the residence and place of business of the victims, and if necessary restricting or prohibiting contact with the minor children. In the case of a DVPO, they may consider even more restrictive orders, as well as getting law enforcement involved if there is any question about a violation of the order.

VM has extensive experience in both prosecuting and defending DVPO and TRO hearings. If your safety or the safety of your children is at risk, or you have been falsely accused of threatening or harassing your spouse, VM can immediately take legal action to protect your rights. In addition, even if you are not going through a divorce, or have not yet filed a petition, VM’s attorneys can obtain additional orders for child support, spousal support, a move-out order to kick out the restrained person from a home, and other orders to be included in the request.

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