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Media Links

April 2015:  Andrew Vorzimer will be speaking at the Whittier Health Law Symposium on the Anatomy of Assisted Reproduction.

March 2015:  Andrew Vorzimer will be speaking at The Donor Egg Meeting in South Carolina on Legal Complications in Surrogacy.

August 2014:  Dean Masserman spoke at the 2014 STARTART Annual REI Nursing Congress in Las Vegas Nevada about important bio-ethical and legal issues facing IVF clinics.

July 2014:  Andrew Vorzimer quoted in The New York Times article entitled “A Surrogacy Agency That Delivered Heartache.”


Jul 2014:  Andrew Vorzimer was heavily quoted in The New York Times article entitled “Coming to U.S. for Baby, and Womb to Carry It.”

July 2014:  Andrew Vorzimer  spoke at the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology (AAARTA) titled “Current Ethical and Legal Challenges in ART.”


May 2013:  Andrew Vorzimer was quoted in a Forbes Magazine Article about Surrogacy


November 2012:  Andrew Vorzimer quoted in “AllGov California” about Ethical questions regarding cheap embryos.


September 2012:  Attorneys Andrew Vorzimer and Dean Masserman successfully draft amendments to surrogacy law with California Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes.



March 2012:  Andrew Vorzimer authors an article regarding surrogacy in India.


February 2012:  Andrew Vorzimer quoted in USA Today newspaper regarding Teresa Erickson  scandal.


August 2011:  Dean Masserman sues prominent Santa Monica fertility doctor over lost embryos.


August 2011:  Andrew Vorzimer helps FBI halt baby selling ring in San Diego.


January 2011:  Andrew Vorzimer quoted in the MailOnline discussing the relationship between Sir Elton John and David Furnish and their surrogate.


December 2010:  Andrew Vorzimer talks with TPG News about the legal issues with Elton John and his surrogate baby.


May 2009:  Dean Masserman featured in El Mundo newspaper article in Madrid Spain about defrauded Spanish couples.


March 26, 2009:  Los Angeles Times article discussing how Dean Masserman helped victims of fraud from Spain recover money stolen by the B Coming Agency.


1999-2000: Whittier law School law review article authored by Andrew Vorzimer regarding the legal issue in surrogacy and egg donation.