Frozen Eggs May Be More Beneficial When Considering Egg Donation

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We started a new video series to give representation to the many questions our Intended Parents and Egg Donors have about Egg Donation and the IVF process. These quick videos can be a resource for anyone who is curious about the process and what it really entails.

Listen and watch along with us as Dr. David Tourgeman, Reproductive Endocrinologist at HRC Fertility, he answers why frozen eggs may be more beneficial when considering an egg donation process.


Hello this is Dr. David Tourgeman from HRC Fertility.

Egg Donation Inc has asked me to help you understand how frozen eggs may be beneficial when considering an egg donation process.

The biggest benefits are indeed that the eggs have already been screened. Meaning that the genetic screening that occurs has already been done, you have knowledge of that. All the infectious disease screening that is done according to FDA guidance has already been completed, any type of urine drug screen has already been completed as well.

Additionally, as part of the fresh egg collection process, egg donors and intended parents have to undergo legal contracts together. In this scenario with frozen eggs, the eggs have already been collected, therefore, there is no additional legal screening process that needs to occur between the intended parents and the egg donor.

So truly the biggest benefit is that the eggs have already been collected, screened, and are ready to go. This will obviously hasten the time that it takes from commencing the process of egg donation to becoming pregnant.

In terms of overall efficacy, we expect, that should the eggs survive the freeze thaw process, they will be as hardy as those that have been collected fresh.

So, it is really a very valuable tool that you should consider as an option when looking into the difference between a fresh and a frozen egg donation process.

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