What personal factors are considered for child support?

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Child custody is one of the more emotionally wrought aspects of a divorce case. For that reason, it tends to be a drawn-out process in many California family law courts, often representing the most extensive part of a divorce. You want your children raised in the way that you see fit. Maybe you have concerns about your spouse’s parenting tactics or concerns over your children’s well-being in their care, and you’d like to pursue sole physical and legal custody of your children.

Determining what’s best for your children

A judge will weigh many factors in deciding how to arrange child custody and if a custodial parent should be named. A California court may support equal time between each parent wherever it is possible as well as things like their current school, proximity to family and available support networks. But very often, one parent (or both) seeks to be the custodial parent when it comes to custody. Here are the criteria that a judge will consider when deciding on custody issues:

  • The child’s/children’s present relationship with each parent
  • The proximity of each parent to each other and children’s school
  • A parenting plan, if the parents organized one beforehand
  • The emotional well-being of the children related to each parent’s living situation and personal/mental health
  • Work schedules and obligations of each parent
  • In some cases, the child’s preference

Finding the best parenting arrangement for your family

It’s a hard determination to decide which parent will spend more time with their children but often a necessary decision to create stability and adequate support for a child’s development after a divorce. A judge will often opt for reducing any additional disruptions to that child’s life. If you’re considering a divorce, you should contact a skilled divorce lawyer to help guide you through this challenging process.