Do I Need An Egg Donor?

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Are donor eggs right for me? We are often asked that question by parents at a crossroad in their fertility journey. It is probably one of the most profound and difficult questions to ask (and answer!) let alone whisper it. Just saying it out loud makes it real—makes the unthinkable, thinkable.

No matter what stage of the journey you are at, asking this question is the beginning of a new dream—it is a (giant!) step forward in making your dream a reality.

Donor egg in IVF has allowed thousands of infertile couples the ability to create a new family or continue growing a family. When a woman’s eggs will not fertilize and develop due to premature menopause, age, cancer therapy, genetic abnormalities, or unexplained infertility, using donor eggs can be the answer. Donor eggs used from a young woman in her 20’s are much more likely to result in a pregnancy than a cycle without donor eggs in an older 40-year-old woman.

Taking the “leap”

Many of our clients go through a deliberate process before taking this step. Often described as a “leap” or pivotal transition, resolving to use donated eggs comes at that turning point. Here are some questions to consider as you move forward in. your family building journey:

Have you experienced multiple IVF and pregnancy losses?

Women who decide to use donated eggs frequently have experienced multiple losses with their own eggs, included failed IVF cycles and miscarriages. When you are producing abnormal eggs and embryos, it probably is time to talk with your physician about other options.

Is your ovarian reserve weak?

Fertility assessment tests provide your physician with an overview of the approximate number of eggs remaining in your ovarian reserve as well your potential response to fertility medications. Although these tests cannot evaluate egg quality, through research we know this declines with age.

Is experiencing pregnancy and childbirth important to you?

For many of our clients, the loss of passing their genetic characteristics on to their children is a profound one and mourning that loss should be part of the journey. Along with hope, using donor eggs gives you a multitude of benefits. Donor eggs with IVF allows you experience pregnancy and childbirth, take care of your baby prenatally, and nurse your child. In addition, using donated eggs also allows your partner to be genetically related to your child, which is an important consideration for many couples.

Do you have a pre-existing condition?

Many of our clients already know that they need an egg donor. They may have lost their fertility because of cancer treatment or a medical condition that caused their ovaries to be removed or stop functioning. Other women may carry an incurable genetic disease they do not wish to pass to their future children.

Love makes a family

So many of our clients are part of the LGBTQ+ community and want to start a family. We work with some amazing Surrogacy and IVF clinics that allow you the opportunity to have a biological connection to your baby.

Although using a donor egg can be a loss of one dream, it can also be the beginning of a new one! The first confirmed birth of a baby born with donor eggs was in 1984. To learn more about embracing donor eggs, our egg donation program, and our 30+ years of experience and success in the United States, visit our About Us pages.

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