Family Planning For LGBTQ+ Couples

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For some LGBTQ+ couples, deciding how to start or grow their families can be a challenging process. However, third-party reproductive options have come a long way. There are now many options available to gay, lesbian, and transgender couples, and it’s important for each family to find the option that works best for them.

When choosing a fertility clinic, couples should research success rates, whether the provider has access to the latest technology, and whether the practice is LGBTQ+ friendly. To qualify as LGBTQ+ friendly, these practices meet important criteria such as non-discriminatory policies (pertaining to both patients and employees) Even those that meet the criteria, they are often limited by their experience or their expertise.

When choosing a fertility clinic, ask yourselves some key questions, such as:

  • Is the staff friendly and professional?
  • Do I feel comfortable with the physicians and other staff members?
  • Is the facility comfortable and welcoming?

When you choose the right fertility clinic, you will probably have a lot of questions for the reproductive specialist you’ll meet about what options are available to you. These options generally include egg donation, sperm donation, surrogacy, or some combination of these. It’s a good idea to discuss ahead of time whose DNA your child will receive. In some cases, it’s possible for a child to have both parents’ DNA. For example, female couples can accomplish this by having one partner donate the egg while the other partner carries the baby.

It’s never easy to start a family, and LGBTQ+ couples face unique challenges. Assisted reproductive technology provides a safe, effective way for many of these couples to start the families they want.

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